What are the Advantages of Using Helical Piers?

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What are the Advantages of Using Helical Piers?

Helical Piers, which are also called Helical Anchors, Helical Piles, or Screwpiles are a deep foundation solution. The piers are used to secure a new or existing foundation. They are often used when soil conditions stop the ability to use standard foundation solutions.

What are the two types of Helical Piers and their Advantages?

Round Shaft Helicals

Round Shaft Piers are used where the project considers compression the main component for the application. Round shaft has several advantages over the typical square shaft when used in compression.


  • Superior Lateral stability
  • Greater Section Modulus
  • Resists Twisting and Deflection
  • Patented Cross-Lock connection
  • Greater load capacities
  • Easy and Quick Install
  • Can be Installed in All Weather
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • Not Affected by a High-Water Table

Square Shaft Helicals

Square Shaft Piles are used when the project focuses primarily on tension. The square shaft Pier has several advantages over the round shaft in tension applications.

  • Great Yield and Tensile Strength
  • Patented Cross-Bolt Connection
  • Increased Safety Factor
  • Higher Torque Capacity
  • Easy and Quick Install
  • Installs in All Weather
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • Not Affected by a High-Water Table


What are the Applications that Helical Piers are Used in?


  • New Construction
  • Foundation Repair
  • Home Additions
  • Decks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tiebacks


  • Equipment Foundations
  • Elevator Pits
  • Parking Lots
  • Government Projects
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Commercial New Construction
  • Commercial Foundation Repair
  • Tiebacks


  • Equipment Foundations
  • Mines
  • Nuclear/Chem Sites
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy

This is just a few of the unlimited number of applications that fall under these three categories. Helicals can be used in almost any foundation work you can think of!

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