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June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

Helical piers and foundation repair specialist PierTech Systems has demonstrated its commitment to superior customer service with the hire of several new client relations administrators.

As the manufacturer reaches its busiest period of the year, its customer service department has retained two new members of staff, charged with increasing client query turnaround times and one further dealer support specialist. The dealer support specialist will liaise with the St. Louis, Missouri, headquartered firm’s extensive network of dealers around the United States.

Designing and producing piering systems included the patented tilt-up anchor, revolutionary helical pier and round shaft pier, as well as an extensive catalog of helical piering accessories, PierTech Systems staff interact with thousands of homeowners, construction specialists, and dealerships each day.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech, said, “Our new hires have been drafted in to improve our customer service experience even further. We anticipate significant reductions in order turnaround times and more experienced and knowledgeable operators on hand to deal with any query relating to our piering systems and manufacturing processes.”

Now that summer is in full swing, PierTech is primed for its annual sales spike as homeowners turn their attention to home repairs. “Jobs that people put off in winter such as repairing cracked walls can be carried out much more easily in summer so we always notice an upturn in the sale of our residential foundation repair kits,” adds Kauffman. “Extending our team couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Find out more about PierTech Systems and view the entire product range online at www.piertech.com. PierTech Systems delivers worldwide.


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