Prepare for a Home Foundation Inspection

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When contemplating if a home needs foundation repair you know the project will not be cheap. However, the process can run smoothly, and if the correct method chosen should be a permanent fix that will last a lifetime. There are several things to consider before hiring the contractor that is performing the home foundation repair. There are several ways to prepare for a home foundation inspection that include assessing damage but is not solely limited to that.

PierTech Systems has certified helical installers all over the United States. PierTech has done this to ensure homeowners are working with a contractor who has a team of foundation repair experts behind them. We provide support from the beginning, prepare for the home inspection to the end when installation is complete. PierTech is here to answer all questions a homeowner may have.

1. Review foundation and home for signs of settling or sinking

Check all the foundation to review what is visibly wrong with the integrity of the foundation. The more the homeowner knows the more helpful it is to the contractor to ensure to review all damage. This will also provide an idea of the area where the root of the problem is.


Signs of Foundation Issues Include:

  • Water Damage
  • Leaning Walls
  • Buckled Walls
  • Windows not closing
  • Doors not closing
  • Crumbling or chipping concrete
  • Cracks, fissures, and ruptures

2. Write down all damage seen inside and outside of the home

Remembering all the locations may be near impossible, make sure to make a list so that it can be referenced later. This is vital information for the contractor so the more details the better. Cracks in a home can be a standard sign of settlement, but if cracks are continually getting worse this should be noted and mentioned to the contractor.

3. Discuss these issues with the contractor

Show all locations that were noted on the list and have the log ready to share with the contractor.

4. Ensure to be there during the foundation inspection

Prepare for this inspection to take up to 2 hours. A homeowner will want to know what is wrong, and a breakdown of each line item that is to be addressed. It is important to be there during thePrepare for a Home Foundation Inspection inspection so you can review all this information.

5. Ask Questions and Locate a PierTech Installer

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