PierTech Systems Solves that Sinking Feeling

June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

How sturdy is your house? Do you ever get that sinking feeling? Are cracks beginning to appear or are floors becoming uneven? You’re not alone; every year millions of families are affected by the foundations of their houses sinking. Not only does this often result in worrying cracks and gaps, but shifting foundations can ultimately lead to structural damage. PierTech can help, thanks to their piering systems which offer foundation solutions for both the residential and commercial worlds.

Buildings built on unstable foundations ‘settle’ when there is insufficient drainage to allow the foundation to dry fully after wet weather. Unstable foundations that are left untreated will continue to shift, nearly always leading to significant damage to the structure of the building. This could potentially cost thousands in lost investment. PierTech Systems, the specialists in commercial Helical Piering, also apply their expertise to the homeowners who find their homes sinking beneath their feet.

Of course, the first sign of a shifting foundation is very rarely a physical “sinking” feeling; instead, there are telltale signs that start to appear around your house as your home’s way of telling you there’s a real problem. Look for cracks in drywall on your walls and ceiling, check for doors or windows that stick and check for gaps between walls and ceilings. Gaps between walls and floors are just as indicative of a foundation problem. Check if the floors are cracking and whether they are level. Other, more dramatic, signs outside of your house include cracks in the concrete itself and a sagging roof.

Often caused by the shrinking and swelling of expansive soils over different seasons throughout the year, foundation problems can seriously impact the value of your home. These tell-tale signs should not be ignored for long. Thanks to the engineering expertise of PierTech Systems, help is at hand!. PierTech’s patented helical piers, screw piles, and helix piers all add vital support beneath the foundation of the house itself preventing any further settling. PierTech uses the patented True-Lift bracket which enables the engineers to recover the elevation losses and close the cracks in the concrete. Once they have saved your home from that “sinking feeling”, they restore your house and landscape to as near its original condition as possible – even going so far as replanting shrubs and flowers.


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