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June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

With a credit crunch looming, a sluggish economy and thoughts turning to saving rather than spending, PierTech Systems, the helical piering specialist, is warning homeowners against putting off foundation repairs in order to maintain the value of the property.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of the Missouri-based helical pier manufacturer explains, “Each year, millions of US homeowners find their property has fallen victim to foundation problems. Cracked and buckled walls, sinking foundations, and uneven floors rack up costly bills and significantly lower the value of the home.”

Manifesting themselves as doors that stick, windows that are not square, bricks that lean away from garage doors or sagging roofs, these issues may appear to be no more than wear and tear but could actually be masking problems with the structure of the house. As the economy slows down and newspaper headlines scream of an impending recession, it’s all too tempting to turn a blind eye to these imagined non-essential repairs that can be put off for a month or two.

Ignoring any of the symptoms of foundation problems in your residence, however, can end up costing thousands of dollars more in the long run. PierTech Systems offers quick and easy assistance for residences plagued by unstable foundations. Following an inspection by a certified contractor, a repair solution will be presented based on a soil condition report and assessment of the extent of the problem. The design analysis will look at complex factors such as helix size, location, and load requirements.

Patented PierTech products such as the revolutionary Tru-lift brackets, round and square helical pier shafts are used throughout the repair process, delivering the benefit of years of experience on large-scale construction projects around the country.

Once the work is complete, your home and garden are returned to its original condition, with plants and shrubs replanted.


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