How to Start Installing Helical Piers Today

September 23, 2022 / in Blog / by Admin

Learn how to start installing helical piers today. PierTech hosts a monthly virtual installer training seminar. This seminar is for both those who have never worked with helicals and those who have used them for years. The helical pier installation seminar will teach you what helical applications there are, how to install, applications for helical piers, how to market helical anchors, signs of foundation failure and more.


Attend Training

To get started all you need to do is contact PierTech Systems and speak with Mary Lou, or a PierTech representative. They will discuss with you how you get signed up for training, and discuss all the opportunities that come with becoming a Certified PierTech Installer.

Purchase Installation Equipment

A certified PierTech installer often will purchase their equipment before or after the seminar when discussing opportunity and learning about the market of helical piers. Our highly knowledgeable sales team can help guide you through this entire process. They will work with you and figure out what packages work best for the applications you wish to pursue. They will also review what equipment you have, such as a skid steer or excavator. Then they will build your equipment package with you.

Consult Engineering


When reviewing a project you already have, or get after completion of training, PierTech’s sister company PierTech Engineering offers freeEngineering consultation. The engineering team will help you determine what products you need for your foundation project and if further engineering is needed to make sure the job is successful.

Buy Helicals for your First Foundation Project

Once you have worked with your sales representative and spoke to engineering if needed, you can purchase helicals for your foundation project! Even if you do not have a project coming up, training, and having equipment will help you step into the helical market and start booking jobs right away!

Start Installation!

There are several benefits to becoming a Certified PierTech Installer these include Engineering Support, Quick Deliveries, Extensive Inventory, a 24 hour contact line, ICC Certified and Patented products, Extreme Market potential, and much more!

Once you have taken all the steps prior you can get started with your new equipment, the helical products and accessories, and get started installing helicals today!

PierTech ensures to make the process simple, easy, and quick!

Contact us today to get started!

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