How to Become a PierTech Helical Installer

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Learn How to Become a PierTech Helical Installer. There are several things to consider when becoming a certified PierTech installer. At PierTech we are committed to ensuring that we provide all the products and services needed from start to finish. If you are interested in becoming a certified helical installer, follow the steps below:


  1. Contact a PierTech Rep to Discuss Opportunities
  2. Determine Helical Equipment Needs
  3. Find out which upcoming Free Training Classes
  4. Attend the Online Installer Training and Certification
  5. Get your Certification
  6. Step into the Helical Market and Start Booking Jobs!

Past Installer Training and Certification Video:


The PierTech Installer Training staff have years of in the field knowledge and experience. PierTech has been providing training hands-on for years, and now provides an online certification course for your safety and convenience. This course allows you to learn and understand the difficulties and challenges you will face in the field. The goal of the certification seminar is to pass along the expertise of our team to ensure superior safety and profitability.


Installer Benefits

  • Engineers on staff to provide support every step of the way
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Patented and Innovative products you cannot find anywhere else
  • 24/7 customer service line
  • Extensive inventory
  • ICC Certified Products
  • Save up to 50% in Labor Costs

What does the PierTech Installer Certification Cost:

The cost for the training seminar is $250 per company, and this amount is refunded when you place your first order. Making the training only ending up costing you $0!

What does the Installer Certification Consist of:

  • Understand Foundation Design
  • Identify Foundation Failure
  • Understand Foundation Failure
  • Fundamental Soil Mechanics you Need in the Field
  • Safe Operation of PierTech Helical Equipment
  • The PierTech Installation Method and Process
  • Understand Load Testing

How to Sign Up:

The PierTech certification and training courses are held one time per month online. To register for the next seminar, you can fill out the form or contact our office today. Space is very limited for each session, so it is important to get signed up as early as possible and let us know how many people you plan to have attend.

Register Today by Calling our office

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