Helical Piles for Dock and Boardwalk Construction

April 23, 2021 / in Blog / by Admin


To minimize construction in areas where you are trying to preserve nature and leave the land as undisturbed as possible using the PierTech helical system for Boardwalks and Docks is the ideal solution. This allows for fragile areas like marshes, wetlands, sand dunes, and more to be upgraded, or to add a dock or boardwalk while being environmentally friendly. This type of system allows for people to enjoy surrounding nature without disturbing it at all!

The installation of PierTech’s helicals for docks and boardwalk will eliminate chemically treated wood pilings, or other piles and solutions from being installed into sensitive areas. The helical pile supported boardwalks and docks are being specified more and more by coastal engineers, and especially in environmentally fragile areas.

The Boardwalk and Dock system consists of 2 7/8” helicals, or whatever size may be specified by the engineer. These piles, due to surrounding water are typically galvanized. The PierTech hydraulic single speed drivehead is chosen based upon what torque needs to be reached to install the helicals.

The Pier Tech system is not only perfect for Boardwalks and Docks but works for many more Marine applications.The small equipment that can be used for installation allows for more minimalization on impact of existing vegetation and foliage. PierTech’s helical system is designed to last a lifetime!


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