Helical Piering Online Goes 2.0

June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

PierTech Systems has long been considered by many to have the best online resources for helical piers, helical anchors, and helical pier installation equipment. Having kept a strong rate of progress through rough economic times, PierTech Systems has not only withstood the pressures of recent times but the pressures of keeping a strong online resource available to customers and potential customers alike. Now, PierTech takes an already powerful online presence and brings it into web 2.0.

With an all-new layout and look, PierTech online has created a one-stop website for all helical piering needs. From product descriptions to question submittal, PierTech has given the average internet user everything they need to research helical technology. Powerful online case studies also offer any PierTech online visitor a chance to see soil anchors and helical piles in action and in a variety of situations and conditions.

PierTech Online offers its customers astounding media materials. With an all-new Media section, customers can view a large variety of videos, from the gargantuan PierTech Hercules Pile to the PierTech Pole Base System. The new PierTech Systems website also has a special section only available to PierTech dealers and engineers, full to the brim with downloadable, high-resolution, professionally designed case studies and brochures, as well as cutting-edge ad slicks to further their marketing appeal. This powerful resource has been put together by a successful and cutting edge marketing team, assuring PierTech online users that they are being given access to exceptionally useful materials.

For customers who want to integrate PierTech Systems into their social network, the new PierTech Website links into popular and relevant social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Customers can also sign up for PierTech Systems Newsletters and e-mail updates, all without leaving the new website.

Without a doubt, PierTech Systems has taken a website from being at the front of the competition to blowing every other competitor out of the water.

Introducing, officially, the new and incredibly improved PierTech Systems website.


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