Concrete Pile Foundation Vs. Helical Pile Foundation

October 21, 2021 / in Blog / by Admin

Learn more about a Concrete Pile Foundation Vs. a Helical Pile Foundation.


There has been a consistent increase in the demand for new construction, this leads to many professionals in the industry looking for the fastest, most economical, durable, and stable foundation. Industry professionals are always looking for innovative ways to achieve this. However, this means they need something that will last a lifetime. Most professionals look into bored concrete piers prior to learning about helical piles. However, Professionals should educate themselves on both systems to have the best understanding of foundation solutions.

Concrete Pile Foundation:

  • Have a wait time for the concrete to cure
  • Will not be able to remove them
  • Warranty cannot be guaranteed
  • May have to replace the Concrete Piles
  • Cracking can happen
  • Costs extra for the labor and equipment
  • Not a permanent foundation solution
  • Cannot be installed in all weather
  • Concrete Spillage- This type of job is messy
  • Susceptible to frost heave
  • Cannot be installed as deep as a helical system
  • Cannot verify if installed to specified load rating
  • Concrete Piers may lose alignment and stability which may cause more issues, re-install needed, or even needing the helical system anyway

The Patented PierTech Helical System:

  • Quick Installation
  • Save up to 50% on labor costs
  • No need to wait for concrete to cure
  • No Extra Equipment
  • Permanent Foundation Solution
  • Cost-effective, will not need replaced
  • No Mess – No excess soil or concrete spillage
  • Minimal Impact to the environment
  • Installed to verified load rating
  • Not susceptible to frost heave
  • Can be installed in all weather

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