Can Construction Continue in the Winter?

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As the temperature changes towards the end of the year, the snow starts to fall, and the ground begins to freeze many companies ask: Can Construction Continue in the Winter? The short answer is yes. However, with this question there are a few things to consider. If you are working to fix roads it may be impossible to continue to work if the roads are covered in snow, however, other projects can continue.

Cold Weather vs. Winter

There is a major difference between the winter versus what cold weather. Cold weather is determined by the temperature dropping. The cold weather used to determine what changes will be made for construction. The winter is snow falling, the ground being frozen, or other types of winter weather.Can Construction Continue in the Winter?


Why Does Construction Often Stop in the Winter?

  • Concrete
  • Incomplete Roof
  • Falling Snow
  • Frozen Ground
  • Poor Weather
  • Low Temperatures

Safety Challenges of Winter Construction

Though construction will continue through the winter, there are many things to consider during winter construction. The visibility, warmth, and mobility of construction is often challenged by the changing weather and temperature.


This is referring to the blowing snow, potential snowfall and/or ice storms, as well as the accompanied shortness of days. Some ways to overcome this challenge is portable lighting, however this can get expensive especially for a large construction site. Proper lighting is a necessity.


This consideration is very straightforward, the winter is cold. Operators often get the benefit of a heated cab; however, contractors are still often working in the cold. PPE must still be worn, this means that the workers will need fleece hardhat liners, winter steel toed boots, a warm reflective jacket, or other items to keep them warm, safe, and visible. The challenge of finding gloves to keep workers warm but allow for precise work is hard.


Ice or snow is slippery, and even if you are working inside, this can create a hazard of slippery concrete, unfinished wood, or other surfaces. Wearing more layers while working outdoors makes everyone move a bit slower, makes the worker feel bulky, and does slow construction but does not mean it needs to stop.

Construction in the Winter

Construction can continue in the winter, especially helical piering projects. Residential and commercial repair often does not have a need for concrete, so temperature is not an issue. Installing helical for a large commercial project during the winter can take place as well, or for building a new home, allowing for a head start for pouring a foundation when the weather allows. There are ways to still pour with thermal coverings and heaters, however this is still a challenge as you must warm frozen ground prior to pouring to avoid settling and shifting issues.

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