7 Tips to Prevent Foundation Damage

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7 Tips to prevent foundation damage that home and business owners tend to overlook. Many owners of homes and businesses tend to overlook foundation maintenance. This means that they can have foundation issues in the future that will not be cheap, and the average repair cost averages around $4000. PierTech ensures to manufacture the highest quality steel foundation products for new construction and foundation repair. PierTech is a leading manufacturer of helical piles, and deep foundation products and prides themselves on having a knowledgeable staff that can help to answer all your foundation questions provide these 7 tips to prevent foundation damage.

1. Implement Foundation Grading


Make sure the foundation grade is established properly. The land will slope away from the home and use gravity to direct th7 tips to prevent foundation damagee rainwater and snowmelt away from the foundation. Having a proper grade is key to preventing excess water from compromising the integrity of the building’s foundation.

2. Do not plant Trees and Shrubs near the Building

Ensuring to choose proper spots for landscaping of a building is key. When trees or shrubs are planted near a building, they will burrow into cracks of a structure or plumbing system. This can severely damage the houses existing structure and pipes leading in and out of the home.

3. Ensure you have an embedded foundation

Having an embedded or excavated foundation will allow for proper stability of the building and/or home. There is no embedded foundation, or steps were skipped during construction, there will be an issue and cause disturbance to the existing foundation.

4. Have plumbing checked once a year

When homes and buildings shift and/or settle this can cause the plumbing to shift. Both problems can cause pipes and foundations to leak or break.

5. Strategically place concrete and structures


Poor quality concrete or the concrete not having proper time to cure can make a foundation weaker and more likely to suffer from soil disturbances. Insufficient soil structure beneath the foundation this can also lead to damage.

6. Drain water away from the home or buildings foundation

Drain water away from the building or home will prevent many future problems. One of the most expensive problems being the foundation.

7. Use the Patented, Innovative PierTech Foundation System

Piertech manufactures helical piles, piers, brackets, and equipment. PierTech is a leading manufacturer in the industry and provides patented products you cannot get anywhere else, providing the permanent foundation support you need.

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