7 Tips for Building a Strong Foundation on Any type of Soil

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When working in both new construction and repair, many soil types provide tough problems. This is true for many home and business owners in areas like the east and west coast of the United States. Sandy soils, and soil that is hard to work in throughout the country make it hard to know what to do first to ensure your foundation is safe, secure, and will withstand the test of time.

Not All Soil is the same

There are several different physical properties that come into play when working with soil. Knowing what you are working with prior to starting any type of construction or excavation.

Get a Soil Report

Let a professional test the soil to ensure the solution for your project is correct. Having a soil report is essential to document the full and accurate information. Paying for this test from the start ensures that there are no issues later when the foundation has settled. The report also allows for engineering to be accurate, and the contractor to calculate the bearing capacity of the soil and the depth and composition of surrounding soil.

Ensure to do the Proper Calculations

Using the proper equations, ensuring accuracy is needed. As the professional calculating it is important to calculate the weight of the building to determine the load capacity that is needed. Outside of calculating the weight, keep in mind that there may also be regional incidental codes that need to be followed and add to the overall weight calculated.


Go Deep

Use the information from the report that was done on the soil, engineer the deep foundation solution. Understanding the properties of the soil you are working in ensures that you successfully anchor the structure.

Reduce and Eliminate Vibration

When building on the soil that was analyzed, pay close attention to the vibration. Vibration can damage the property you are working on or surrounding areas.

Ensure the Building Meets Regulations and Code

No matter where you are working ensuring to check the local codes and regulations prior to breaking ground. This will allow for you to eliminate the possibility of issues coming your way.

Work with an Area Professional

Using a certified installer, a geo-technical engineer, and other professionals will allow for the proper solutions to be used. This also gives a second set of eyes to the solution you have proposed to ensure it is the correct and most reliable solution.

Helical Piers ensure that you get all you need to provide a stable foundation solution. Helical piers are the most ideal solution for building on all different types of soil, which include sand. Using helical piles to screw into the soil, allows for the home or building to be anchored properly. This will effectively remove many of the soil issues from the equation as the pier has met all requirements and is resting securely, deeply in the earth. Helical piles allow for there to be minimal impact on the environment around them in both new and existing construction. Piers are a low vibration solution, which ensures they do not cause incidental settling to the home, building, or other structures nearby. Helicals withstand extreme loads, with a High-Capacity they can support up to 1,000,000 pounds.


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