4 Steps to Install Helical Piers

February 16, 2022 / in Blog / by Admin

There are about 4 Steps to Install Helical Piers yourself and get started today. Helical piles are very effecting in correcting foundation singing and settlement, they are also used for new construction, and several other various applications. They are an industry standard that is a permanent foundation solution.

4 Steps to Install Helical Piers:

1. Review the project and property

The first step to any foundation project is to perform an analysis of the home, project location, and look for signs of potential foundation issues, or soil issues that will require the use of helicals.

2. Prepare the Jobsite


Before helicals can be driven a small amount of excavation may be needed. Understanding4 Steps to Install Helical Piers and reviewing the engineer’s specifications are a must to ensure that the project is successful. PierTech has an entire engineering staff ready to help 24/7 and walk the contractor through from start to finish.

3. Installing Helicals

The difference between helicals and push piers as they are like screws and twist into the ground and push piers will push into the ground like nails. Helical piers when installed will be screwed down to the competent, load-bearing soil. They are installed using torque and this is reviewed using a torque monitor. There will be extensions added until that load-bearing soil is reached.

4. Final Review

Once all helicals have been installed, standardly they are reviewed to ensure they have been placed in the areas that the engineer specified, and to the depth and torque requirements. When all is approved and looks good, the repair is stabilized, or all piers for the new construction project look great the installation is complete.

PierTech offers a more in-depth training for people who are looking to get started installing helical piers today. Check out the installer part of the website to get more information or to get signed up for our next training seminar.

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