What are the 5 Types of home foundations?

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There are several types of home foundations that can be used when building a home. There are 5 common types of home foundations that are used when building not just a home, but any type of structure. Find out which the homeowner has, and which foundation is the most cost-effective!

1. Basement Foundations

When a contractor is building a home that will have a basement they will need a hole that is at least 8 feet deep to accommodate the living space. The floor space should match most or all the available living space on the ground level. The basement foundation will need concrete footings or will need the PierTech System to ensure a stable foundation for life.

2. Crawlspace Stem Walls

Crawlspace stem walls are short foundation walls, typically on concrete footings, can be found on helical piers. They allow for the home to have a crawlspace, which is exactly as it sounds, a slightly elevated space below the home in which a person can crawl. This is typically used for storage, a furnace, or other utility equipment. Crawlspaces allow for the home to be protected from flooding and many other environmental hazards. This allows for easy access to plumbing, wiring, and other utilities.


3. Concrete Slab Foundations

A slab foundation is simply as it sounds a poured concrete slab, that if built properly should not have week points. This would lead to further foundation repair issues, one issue of a foundation like this is that the drainage pipes are put in before concrete is poured making it so if repair is needed the contractor must cut directly into the foundation of the home.

4. Wood Foundations

These types of foundations are not as popular today as they were in the 1960’s. Wood was treated to preserve it and make it resistant to decay, wood foundations were easy to install and less expensive as they did not require concrete or labor-intensive work. These foundations are typically insulated, and they are not found anywhere where soil may be wet frequently. They also do not last if a concrete or pier foundation.

5. Pier and Beam Foundations

This type of foundation is what PierTech Systems provides. This solution is permanent and allows for any homeowner to feel secure in the fact that their home’s foundation will last a lifetime. Helical Piers, Helical Piles, Ground Screws, or Helical Anchors as some people call them are ideal and cost-effective, if the homeowner does not want to have any foundation issues in the future. Out of all the foundation types, this is the best option for someone to go with. PierTech Provides a patented system that is perfect for any home.

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