Use Helicals Instead of Pouring Concrete

November 17, 2021 / in Blog / by Admin

Use Helicals Instead of Pouring Concrete to Fix a Failing Foundation. Failing foundations happen for several reason, when a foundation fails, settles, or starts to sink what is the next step? One of the first thoughts is to bring in concrete and put it under the existing foundation. Concrete is a solid base often used for foundations and/or footings, it helps to spread the entire foundation load out, is used for footings, and fills all holes and voids. Now why choose helicals over concrete?

1. You can know your exact capacity

Use Helicals Instead of Pouring Concrete to Fix a Failing Foundation. This will allow precise calculation of the compression capacity.

2. Ensure Safety

With the knowledge of exact capacity, you add an extra safety element to your project.


3. Weather Conditions do not Matter

Helical installs can be done throughout the year. Once installed helicals are below frost level meaning there will be no shifting, even with drastic temperature change.

4. Meet the Uplift Requirement

Many areas throughout the United States are continually tightening requirements for helical usage. In order to meet these requirements, the PierTech System is right for you, and PierTech also has ICC Certified their patented system.

PierTech Systems has the knowledge and experience you need for any project. PierTech provides the best customer support in the industry. The combination of the patented PierTech System and the superior customer service makes PierTech the best choice for a foundation system in the industry.

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