Things You Should Know Before Building a Foundation

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There are several things you should know before building a foundation. The design of a foundation seems simple and straightforward. However, this does not mean that the installation is easy,Things You Should Know Before Building a Foundation straightforward, or that there is no need to plan. The truth behind foundations is that they need to be stable, foundations should be built to last a lifetime, and effort and planning will make or break the product. So, what are the top things you should know before building a foundation.


1. Simplify the foundation during the design phase.

Multiple locations of footings will add to the cost, design, and review of plans. This causes delays within a foundation product; a couple of large foundation steps is better than a bunch of small ones.

2. Create simple datum points.

Creating datum points that the foreman and contactors will understand. Ensuring to mark the top of wall locations is crucial.

3. The foundation should have only a handful of details.

This is very difficult to achieve with hardware requirements that cannot be missed in the building outline and framing dimensions. Ensure to simply highlight a handful of key steps within the plan that will help the project fall into place.

4. Make sure to cover all wall edges.

This step is key to the success and integrity of the foundation. The slab or wall junction line should not be visible once the finish is complete. This sometimes requires the contractor to shrink the top of the wall by laying a wood buck=out to get the slab to extend under the framed wall. This step is very important to save time in attempt to fix that later.

5. Ask the concrete contractor to install all the bolts that are needed.

This sometimes will require manipulating the form-board panels, old panels can even be used. Having the bolts casted rather than drilling is highly efficient.

6. Ensure that your contractor does not simply do what is easiest.

Even if this makes the job more complicated, taking the short cut can be extremely costly in the future.

7. Review utility service locations prior to pouring.

Often reviewing the buck-out locations and the utility locations, to ensure that the pipes and utilities can be hidden below the ground.

8. Ensure that you stay in contact with the electrician and plumber to avoid delays.

If you lose contact with these contractors often, they might not show up and this could be a costly delay in your project.

9. Consider a color additive.

If there is a lot of concrete showing it might be beneficial to add a color to make it more decorative as opposed to standard concrete.

10. Dress for safety, dress for the job.

Dressing appropriately allows for you to get the job done to your best ability. Job sites are messy, and a bit dangerous so ensuring to dress appropriately is important.

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