Sinking Commercial Foundations and Bowed Wall Repair

September 25, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

Often foundation settling and movement can occur, this is caused by several different things. This includes building a structure on soil that expands and contracts, this could be due to use of improper fill soils, or poor maintenance of the soil around the structure. No matter what the cause of settling in the foundation this can destroy the value of a building or structure and make it unsafe. Compared to residential projects, commercial often needs a stronger, more stable, and greater foundation. This could be lateral load for skyscrapers or solar panels, to securing a massive stadium. Helcial piles are exactly what is needed for the job, from 2 7/8” cross lock helical to our 60 inch Hercules piles, there is no job that is too big to provide a stable foundation from the start, and if needed it can be corrected after a foundation has begun to fail.


If you need to fix a commercial foundation, or ensure your new building is going to maintain its stability helical piles are the way to go. When repairing a commercial foundation, it is often due to the settling and movement. Using helicals for the foundation repair of a commercial building will help to repair any soil issues that the commercial foundation may have been built upon.

The use of helicals being drilled into soil until the proper depth is achieved is the ideal solution for a failing commercial foundation. Helicals will stabilize the structure and provide a permanent foundation solution. The PierTech Cross Lock helical system, or the PierTech Hercules pile will be able to provide the support that is needed for any commercial project.


The commercial repair industry continues to grow each year exponentially. The PierTech Helical solution is used more an dmore by inspectors, engineers, and more who are looking for the PierTech system to get the job done. This is the ideal solution for schools, hospitals, bridges, sports stadiums, malls, and more.

PierTech provides exclusive and patented systems that can save you up to 50% in labor costs, and piles that can support up to 1,000,000 pounds, so no job is too big.





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