Retaining Walls and Helical Piles

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Retaining walls play a very important roll in the support of the support of landscaping and foundation for a property. Retaining Walls and helical piles go hand in hand to help provide permanent stability in sloped areas around a building or home. The process of designing, building, and installing a durable retaining wall that will withstand the tests of time, weather, and other environmental factors can be time consuming, expensive, and overwhelming.

Many homeowners and building owners may want to reconsider this as the project may be larger than expected. Looking and using a professional who can also utilize helical piers within the project is important. This is often something a homeowner or building owner would not want to do themselves.

Why use the PierTech System for your next retaining wall project?

Retaining walls that utilize concrete footings to provide stability are a technique that is outdated and does not guarantee permanent foundation support. The PierTech System provides an economical solution that is simple and does not damage existing landscaping. Installation is quick and can be done with lightweight equipment.

  • Value Engineering
  • Permanent Foundation Solution
  • No Need to Wait for Concrete to Cure
  • Removable and Reusable
  • Free Training and/or Certified PierTech Installer to help with the Project
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Patented, Innovative, Exclusive Product Line

Why Hire a PierTech Systems Certified Helical Installer?

When hiring a professional you need to get someone who understands the challenges that come with building a retaining wall. The certified installer will be able to assess the property, soil, and other factors to know what they will need to create a solid and permanent retaining wall foundation. The installer also can consult with PierTech’s highly knowledgeable team, and even utilize PierTech’s sister company PierTech Engineering for a free consultation and project evaluation.


Why do you want a professional for a retaining wall project?

  1. Quality Equipment
  2. Superior Material
  3. Engineering Consultation
  4. Knowledge of many environmental factors
  5. Save time and money by having the job done correctly the first time

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