Pioneering Cross-Bolt Connection

June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

St. Louis, MO: Helical piering specialists PierTech Systems has added a further unique piering solution to its outstanding portfolio of patented helical piers and foundation construction products for both commercial and residential applications.

The patented cross-bolt connection from the Missouri-based designers and manufacturers boasts a considerable advantage over traditionally thought-out connection designs.

Eliminating the sloppy movement of the pile experienced by single bolt fixtures and the movement of the pile along the plane witnessed in multiple bolt inline connections, the Cross-Bolt design by PierTech offers the most secure connection on the market.

PierTech utilizes a multi-bolt connection in both planes to refuse deflection and assure superior rigidity, the cross-bolt is suitable for use in commercial and residential foundation construction and repair.

Already a favored partner of engineers across the United States, the revolutionary Cross-Bolt Connection is just one of a plethora of products from a brand synonymous with effective, affordable piering systems and foundation repair products.

The Cross-Bolt Connection will be on display at the PierTech Systems booth (S13045) World of Concrete Exposition in Las Vegas. Visitors to the booth will also be able to view bestselling foundation applications such as the Hercules Pile, Helical and Push Pier Systems, the Tru-Lift Bracket, Round Shaft Piers, Square Shaft Anchors, the Component Pile, Grouted Piles, and Tie-Back Systems. Product demonstrations and seminars will also be held.


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