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June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

PierTech Systems, specialists in foundation solutions and piering systems, have pioneered dealership opportunities that are unrivaled in the marketplace. Providing the construction industry with premium permanent foundation and soil stabilization products, from helix piers to tilt-up anchor systems, PierTech has long known the importance of forging a strong dealer network.

PierTech Systems has been the leading manufacturer of permanent foundations in the engineering world for many years and a key factor behind their success is their expertise in the field. The company uses patented technology in order to create its own line of products that are of the highest quality and are versatile enough for use on both residential and commercial projects.

The quality of its foundation solutions may be the very foundation of PierTech’s business, but its success is also down to having forged a strong network of dealers. The company selects its distributors and dealers with great care to ensure the continuing value of its network. Once selected, the team of highly trained experts in dealer training passes on that expertise to enable them to maximize their profitability whilst meeting exacting safety standards.

PierTech training staff have years of hands-on experience and tailor the training program to the particular dealer. The training covers everything from fundamental soil mechanics, explanation of the differing foundation designs, calculating and testing loads, and how to install PierTech systems. It also covers every aspect of safety, from the early signs of foundation failure to how to operate and maintain the installation equipment safely at all times.

The dealer network training program at PierTech is well-established, fully developed and ranges from practical training to full technical support. The program can take place in the dealer’s native soil to ensure that the training is entirely relevant to their operations. While the course is technical enough to fully cover the science of foundation solutions, such as torque ratio to load capacity, the training is accessible and easy to understand.

Whatever the permanent foundation or soil stabilization requirements, from helical anchors to screw piles, PierTech Systems have been providing solutions for the construction industry for years. The company’s dealership network has been developed over this time and has expanded into one of the most successful in the industry. To find out more about PierTech’s dealership opportunities go to www.piertech.com.


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