Introducing The Hercules Pile

June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

St. Louis, MO: PierTech Systems, the concrete and permanent foundation specialists, have unveiled their custom-designed Hercules Pile, a foundation solution for engineers across the United States.

The patent-pending Hercules Pile can carry and transfer loads from 200,000 to over 1,000,000 lbs, making it instantly recognizable as part of the high-strength, high-quality family of foundation solution products pioneered at PierTech’s cutting-edge manufacturing plant. Just one of a number of designs bearing the patent-pending tag, the Hercules Pile is available in both square and round connections and offers a choice of shaft sizes.

Pre-engineered to feature PierTech System’s patented cross-bolt connection, the Hercules Pile is a high-capacity load bearing and transferring system already being used in commercial, industrial, and residential foundation construction works in 44 states. As with all PierTech products and foundation solution applications, the Hercules Pile is fashioned from strong yet lightweight steel and is wholly reusable.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech Systems said, “The Hercules Pile by PierTech Systems is easily and accurately cast and quickly and safely joined on site. Used in conjunction with PierTech’s patented cross-bolt connections, the Hercules Pile is one of the finest piles currently on the market ensuring minimum soil displacement.”

PierTech Systems is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile and most economical foundation and soil stabilization products. Whether it is stabilizing a home or office, building a boardwalk, repairing a bridge abutment, or installing a tower, PierTech has the materials and the expertise to complete your project.

The Hercules Pile by PierTech Systems will be on display at the World of Concrete exhibition, January 22-25, 2008. Visit PierTech at booth S13045, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada.


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