How to Protect Your Home from Flooding using Helical Piers

November 10, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

Many homes are built in areas where there is a flood zone. There is always a chance of a flood which would result in foundational shifting. Looking and understanding the home, what it is built upon potentially expanding and shrinking soil dependent on the time of year. With the home being built in an area that is at risk for flooding there is always a chance the water will come inside the home and not only cause foundation damage, but interior damage. It is important to ensure homeowners have the understanding, living somewhere where a natural disaster, or the rain would cause flooding, that their home being piered and lifted would make the home much safer inside and out. PierTech offers a full line of material and Equipment that are suited for this type of job. The products are patented and exclusive and bringing a homeowner comfort that piers will make their home much safer.

PierTech Manufactures the patented Cross Lock connection and the patented Hercules Pile which is a large diameter pile. There are also several other products that are patented and equipment that will help to get the job done right. Helical piering can be done in any weather, PierTech’s system will save up to 50% on labor costs, and will get your job done right the first time. Helical piers allow to raise the house off the ground at a safe level and will provide stability, and ensure your home is much safer and protected from unexpected flooding.


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