How to Properly Install a PierTech Helical Pile

December 9, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

The helical piles must be installed according to a preapproved plan of placement.

  1. Installation begins by attaching the helical pile lead section to the torque motor (drive head) using a drive tool and drive pin.
  2. Next, crowd must be applied to force the pilot point into the ground at the proper location, inclination and orientation, as described in the placement plan.
  3. Then the pile must be rotated into the ground in a smooth, clockwise, continuous manner while maintaining sufficient crowd to promote normal advancement (approximately 3 inches per revolution).
  4. Installation continues by adding extension sections, as necessary.

Refer to the approved construction documents for type, grade, size and number of bolts and nuts that
are required to connect the shaft sections.

5. Inclination and alignment shall be checked and adjusted periodically during installation.
6. Connection bolts between shaft sections shall be snug-tightened as defined in Section J3 of AISC

Care shall be taken not to exceed the maximum installation torque rating, as shown on the drawings, of
the helical piles during installation.

7. Helical piles must be advanced until axial capacity is verified by achieving the required final
installation torque as indicated by the torque correlation method, and the minimum depth, if
any, as specified by the construction documents.


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