How To: Install the Patented PierTech Foundation Repair System

October 14, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

Many times people are trying to learn more about the helical system due to poor soil conditions, or an existing foundation that is failing. If you or someone you know has a sinking or settling foundation, cracked walls, uneven floors, or other visible foundation issues, you will need to learn more information on the potential solutions for the foundation. PierTech systems offers a full line of installation products, paired with experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help you every step of the way. The patented residential foundation system will help to protect your home, or your clients home, and to restore them from previous settling or foundation issues. Using the steps below you will learn how to install this system on your own!

1. Prepare the Foundation Footing

The soil around the footing should be excavated at each pier location. When there is an inside installation, a section of the floor may be removed to expose the footing, which is easily restored upon completion of installation. The footing will be notched so the bracket can be connected to the pier, and directly support the wall. This allows for more effective support, than lifting from the wall section that is attached and extended out beyond the bottom of the homes walls.

2. Install Helical Anchors and Extensions

The helical piers are then drilled into the soil until they reach the desired depth that has previously been specified. Extensions are added to the lead as needed to reach a greater depth. The patented Cross Lock Connection is used on the helical anchors and extensions which will save you time and money during installation. The piles will help for transferring the weight of the structure to solid, stable, load-bearing soil that it previously could not rely upon.

3. Installing the Foundation Brackets

Helical piles are driven to the desired depth, once reached you will addt he foundation bracket. The patented, exclusive, Tru-Lift Bracket is then attached to the helical pile and are ideal for foundation repair. Unlike competitors our bracket pulls into the foundation instead of resisting. They are a one of a kind lightweight bracket that you just cannot get anywhere else. The entire PierTech residential repair system is a must-have for foundation repair that will save time and money during every step of the way.

4. Lift the Foundation

Once the piers are installed, and brackets are placed, you can begin to jack up the foundation until the desired height is reached. This will close cracks in the foundation, return doors, locks, and windows to their prime functionality.

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