How to Find a Helical Installer

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Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out how to find a helical installer. There are several options when you look into foundation repair for a home. There are thousands of companies throughout the United States alone. This makes it extremely difficult to know which company can resolve all your issues. Therefore, working with a contractor who will accurately inspect, diagnose, and treat your home is key.

What Causes Foundation Issues?

One of the most common issues for foundation failure, sinking, or settling is due to soil. Soil often shrinks and swells depending on the type of soil, and the location of the home. The degree of soil movement is standardly determined by the expansive material, and the moisture content of the soil. During the spring, moisture content found in expansive soil will increase, soil swells. Then during winter, and dryer months the moisture content will decrease causing the soil to shrink. This allows for foundations, not just homes, to settle. Soil has even been known to swell enough that it raises homes higher than their desired elevation, this would be upheaval.

Some signs of foundation issues include:

  1. Cracks in Drywall
  2. Doors that stick
  3. Gaps between walls and ceilings
  4. Nails coming out of drywall
  5. Windows that Stick
  6. Cracks in masonry
  7. Bricks leaning away from garage doors
  8. Gaps between fireplace and house
  9. Sagging roof
  10. Gaps between walls and floors

Ok, so How do I find an Installer?

PierTech Systems makes it easy to find a certified helical installer near you. PierTech spends time teaching each installer of their system, so they know exactly what it takes to properly take care of customers.

Selecting the right company can be very difficult but PierTech has a highly trained and knowledgeable team that is ready to answer your questions 24/7. PierTech has made it easy for you to learn how to find a helical installer near you. PierTech also provides a system that is patented and not available anywhere else.

Contact us today for a quote or for more information call us at (866)536-5007.


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