Helical Piering Installation Equipment

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Helical Piering Installation Equipment


Helical Piering Installation Equipment is provided to you by PierTech Systems. PierTech provides the helical industry with the best Helical Piering Installation Equipmentequipment available for all installation situations you may have. This does not matter if your company needs helicals for heavy commercial work, low access areas, a small deck install, or a home repair. PierTech can provide any size drive head you need for your project. PierTech’s sister company PierTech engineering can help to specify exactly what you need for your project and help with all your engineering needs. PierTech also has a highly knowledgeable support staff that can help you get the equipment your jobs demand. The equipment is fully customizable and can be built to mount to any machine.

PierTech has a superior warranty program and provides you with the best 24/7 support staff in the industry. PierTech provides the most accurate torque monitoring devices on the market. They are found in standard gauges as well as in the digital torque monitoring system.

Standard Helical Driveheads:

  • 5k-7k
  • 9k-12k
  • 13k-16k
  • 20k-30k

Features of Standard Driveheads:


  • High-efficiency hydraulic motor
  • Built-in pressure relief valve
  • ICV (Inertia Control Valve) prevents sudden decompression of oil, caused by pile kick-backHelical Piering Installation Equipment
  • Designed for Maximum Strength
  • Ultra-duty shaft
  • Case drains not required
  • 3-year gearbox warranty

More Torque, Less Pressure:

  • Two pressure series to Suit your requirements
  • Standard pressure series for machines with 3500 PSI
  • Low pressure series, for machines with 3000 PSI

The design of the drives allows for them to run at the highest efficiency rates so they will perform dependably for years.

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