Can Helical Piles be Installed in the Winter?

December 2, 2020 / in Uncategorized / by Admin

For most people they are wrapping up jobs here before the winter hits. They have projects they have started to bid or spec that are not to begin until Spring 2021. However, with helical piles the bidding and projects do not need to stop because of the winter season. Homeowners can get their foundation repaired; new construction can start with a helical system.

Helical Piles in the Winter

Helical Piles can be installed in all weather conditions, including the harsh winter weather. This is made possible with there being no issue of waiting for concrete to cure. There is no need to heat the ground unless the helicals are for exceptionally light weight structures and a small pile will need to be put into the ground. For piles that go under a home, commercial buildings, or any industrial site, helicals can penetrate the frozen ground. There is no risk installing in the winter, the pile will be as resilient and dependable as it is when installed in the spring, summer, or fall weather conditions.

There may be a variety of questions on why to install in the winter, well it is as easy as ensuring you do not waste anymore time letting your home sink, getting ahead on a commercial project that starts early 2021, and doing it now will save you time and labor costs. Frozen ground, and cold temperatures do not have to stop foundation projects from moving forward. Finding an installer is also easier, as projects slow down in the winter, they will have more time to get your foundation project moving forward. Helical piles are installed throughout the year, in any weather condition. Even if there is rain, or snowfall, you can install the helicals and get your foundation project done. There is no reason frozen ground, or other winter conditions should bring a halt to your projects.


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