Bridge Construction using Helical Piers

October 9, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

When designing a project, it is often wondered if helical piles are the best application for the foundation of the project. When reviewing a bridge project and looking at the foundation of the bridge you will find that they are a perfect application for helical piers. Many conditions around the location where the bridge is to be built are often challenging, hence, the reason why the bridge is being built to get over the condition.

The locations of bridges are often wet, underdeveloped, hard to access, or on unstable soil. Helical piles can be installed in hard to reach locations, so the issue of determining if the location is suited for helical piles is eliminated. With the PierTech complete installation system you can get into small, hard to reach areas, and even get the equipment on a barge to do an install while on the water. Helical piles are easy to install and will save the contractor time and money.


When building something such as a bridge, it is important to build upon a stable foundation that will provide safety and quality for a lifetime. This is what makes our helical piles perfect for this type of application. PierTech offers the Cross Lock connection in various sizes, and can even customize piles for your project. No matter what the project size is, what difficulties there are, PierTech has a solution for you.

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