Are Helicals more Expensive Than Concrete?

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Are Helicals more Expensive Than Concrete?

Are helicals more expensive than concrete? If a contractor is considering a foundation project, it can be assumed one of the solutions they are looking at is concrete. However, there is a better foundation solution, helicals. Helicals are a solution that last a lifetime and protect the integrity of the building foundation.


How Are Helicals More Cost-Effective?

Many Construction projects have a stereotype of always going over budget and taking longer than the anticipated time frame. This is especially prominent in foundation work, as it needs to be precise. With the Patented PierTech Cross Lock System construction projects go faster than anticipated. The install is quicker than traditional woodwork, or even foundation concrete systems.

What is The Main Difference between Traditional Footers and the PierTech System?

The PierTech Cross Lock Connection will save a contractor up to 50% in labor costs.

Cross Lock Advantages:

  • Steel on steel connection
  • All torque held in the coupling
  • No hole deformation
  • Goes together in seconds
  • Install in all weather conditions

The connection allows the installation process to be sped up as well as there is less labor needed for install. With concrete not only are there significant potential ramifications, but it cannot be installed in all weather. Concrete can settle and begin to sink threatening the health of the home. The cost of labor for concrete is significantly higher than the cost of labor for a helical install. The landscaping around a building or home does not need excessive excavating with a helical piering

system, however, with concrete you must do this Are Helicals more Expensive Than Concrete?which further adds to the cost of the project.

Why Helicals?

Buildings and homes are extremely valuable assets. People rely on them for safety for family, employees, and more. When you have a solution that protects a valuable asset forever, why even ask “Are Helicals More Expensive than Concrete?” The PierTech System is the permanent foundation solution for you.

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