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June 30, 2013 / in Press Release / by Admin

The use of helical piers represent a huge step forward in the way we think about the construction industry, and they are widely used as a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly construction method.

The original screw pile mechanism was invented and patented by Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell in the 1830s. First used for the foundation of the Maplin Sand lighthouse at the mouth of the Thames in 1838, his original design represented a simple but effective means for building structures on mud banks and shifting sands. By 1840 these cast iron screw piles were combined with another pile construction technique to build the first complete screw-pile lighthouse at the mouth of the Wyre in Lancashire.

Today construction based on screw piles dominates the field, and manufacturers have been evolving Mitchell’s original design since its conception. Kevin Kaufman, President of PierTech Systems, the market leader in the manufacture of anchoring and piering systems, believes that this part of the building industry has developed as one of the key triumphs of modern construction. He said: “Building foundations are absolutely essential to the whole build process, and the continued future success of any building project, but building foundations had always been an elusive part of the build process – that was until screw pile and piering systems were invented.”

Modern foundation solutions have taken Mitchell’s original idea and advanced it greatly. As helical pier specialists who have already revolutionized the construction industry with their innovative foundation solutions, PierTech is a testament to this. Systems such as the Hercules Pile, which is a high-capacity, high-strength system capable of bearing loads from 200,000 to over 1,000,000 lbs, illustrate their commitment to the evolution of foundation solutions.

PierTech also provides the Insta-Brace Anchor to the tilt-up market. Completely reusable, and removing the need for time-consuming concrete piling, the unique Insta-Brace Anchor is simply screwed into position ready for bracing. When the project is complete, the anchor is uninstalled and reused on the next project. Created from a unique design consisting of three helix plates welded to a 1 ½“ square bar shaft, the PierTech Systems Insta-Brace Anchor is made from superior strength steel. Typically stronger than steel used by other manufacturers, the shaft makes this the strongest helical anchor available with a yield strength of 95 ksi and a tensile strength measured at 130 ksi.

Mr. Kaufman said, “In use for centuries, tilt-up construction isn’t new, but the PierTech approach is. Using helical pier technology in tilt-up construction applications for the very first time, PierTech Systems is literally breaking new ground with our patented tilt-up, Insta-Brace Anchor.”

PierTech provides the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile and economical permanent foundation and soil stabilization products for a wide range of applications. To find out more about PierTech Systems visit www.piertech.com.


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