4 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Helicals

February 18, 2022 / in Blog / by Admin

The Helical industry has several thousands of applications for foundations. PierTech has been working in the industry and has staff with decades of knowledge. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are beginning to install the PierTech Patented Helical System.

1. Everything will not go perfectly


Do not expect the entire project to go exactly as planned. Many times, installers expect the soil to all be the same all throughout the area of install, and very often installers are going deeper than expected and will need to order extra extensions. Therefore, we are often making recommendations to purchase more extensions than needed and if not used on this project, they can be used on a future project. This helps to avoid delays on the project and eliminate the headache.

2. Relax, and Breathe

Every install will take some time, and most often other parts of the project are waiting on the completion of foundation work. There is no need to freak out or rush through a project because someone is waiting. This is inevitable, however, with PierTech’s Patented Cross Lock Connection you will save up to 50% in labor costs and the install is about that much faster than the product of our competitors. This will allow for you to be completing very close to on time, and when experienced even earlier than you have scheduled.

3. Plan for Anything

Plan for anything, always have extra material on hand, or a plan for if there are any issues. Think about if an excavator or skid steer happens to have issues if you have a back up plan to run your helical install equipment. If a foreman is sick, do you have someone on staff, or know yourself all you need to know to continue to install when they are not there. The great thing about Helicals is they can be installed in all weather conditions, so weather will not be a cause for delay.


4. Know your Customer Service Team and Engineering Team

At PierTech we have all you need to get your questions answered 24/7. This includes a highly knowledgeable sales and admin staff. All who can answer in depth technical questions you may have and know all about the helical piering industry. The Engineering Staff can do all the work you need from providing stamps for your project, to reviewing plans and specifications, and this will ensure you get exactly what you need to get your job done right the first time.

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