4 Reasons Helical Piles Are the Best Foundation Solution

March 10, 2021 / in Blog / by Admin

Helical piles are a solution to stabilize new and existing foundations for a lifetime. The is twisted into the ground. Helical piles are cost-effective and faster to install, because they require no concrete curing, and they do not require deep and expensive excavating. Using helical piles will reduce the cost because it will allow contractors to

1. Lower Equipment Transporting Costs

Due to the ability to install helicals with smaller equipment, than other foundation solutions, moving of equipment costs will be much lower. Smaller equipment will allow for the contractor to move on the site more effectively. The installation cost of equipment can also be drastically smaller than the many alternative methods.

2. Higher Productivity of the Crew On-Site

When installing helicals, depending on job size you would only need one operator, and one laborer to install up to 60 piles per day using the PierTech Cross Lock connection which instantly aligns, eliminates hole deformation, and can save up to 50% of the time it takes to install the standard helical pile. This solution provides lower labor costs, significantly increased productivity, and a more cost-effective installation process.

3. Work No Matter What the Forecast Says

Helical piles do not have to wait for concrete to cure, the equipment requires a very small crew, and the installation process does not get stopped by rain, snow, or other weather conditions. Helicals can bae installed temperatures that are far below freezing, ensuring that there is no loss to productivity.

4. Load Bearing Benefits

Helicals are designed much like a screw, they are driven deep into the ground using hydraulic equipment. Helicals are designed to bear the extremely heavy load of homes, commercial buildings, and much more.

People are often searching for other solutions since helical piles are not the cheapest. Helicals are the best foundation solution, providing a lifetime of dependability, and a permanent foundation solution that is ultimately the most cost-effective option in the long run.


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